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motorola no service solution 100%

Motorola no service solution 100%

1. Boot loader unlock (through official Motorola boot loader unlock)
2. Flash twrp / any custom recovery via (fastboot flash recovery recovery.img)
3. Boot to recovery mode, Go to “Mounts” and put a check on “Persist”
4. Open command prompt and copy/paste this command: adb shell chmod 0700 /persist/rfs/msm/mpss/datablock/id_00
5. Reboot phone and insert SIM card (if phone show Invalid SIM card, than you’ll have to unlock/re-unlock it via GC Pro or SigmaBox)
This will fix Radio off / No Service problem. Baseband will change to : M8920_15000. (Yes, R from E)…

This solution tested onĀ Moto E4 / E4 Plus but this solution work on many models, just test and post in comments.



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