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These are download link(s) of Samsung SM-B355E stock firmware with 1 version(s) according to region, being hosted on well know and speedy server which can give you good download speed. Firmware file and other files are zipped in a zip file, Zip file contains a stock firmware file, application to flash, USB drivers, and manual/instruction (how to flash phone). If you are not familiar with the flashing process please refer to a how-to flash section of this page.

Advantages to flash with Samsung SM-B355E stock firmware

You may get the following advantages or problem fix by flashing phone.

  • 1) Upgrade to recent version firmware of Samsung SM-B355E.
  • 2) If the latest version(compared to this version file) giving any issue you may downgrade to this version of the firmware.
  • 3) Reinstalling the stock firmware (Operating System) on your mobile device.
  • 4) By installing this firmware you may also sort out the issue of software malfunction, boot loop problem, IMEI corrupt solution, or if phone set is not turning on mean totally dead.

here are download links of Samsung SM-B355E firmware for 1 differnt regions.

Firmware File Name:
Size: 34 MB
Flashing Tools: Miracle Tool
Flashing Method (install): Use Miracle Box Software to Flash or install the firmware.

Get Link


Steps how to flash with Samsung SM-B355E stock firmware.

follow these steps to flash your phone.

    • 1) Download this zip file from this given download link and extract all files on your local computer.
    • 2) Zip file contains the firmware, flashing application, USB drivers, and some manual to know the flashing procedure.
    • 3) Install USB drivers.
    • 4) Rest of the steps are given here flash with Odin, follow these steps accordingly to flash your phone with Odin.


Before flashing with Samsung SM-B355E, A backup of existing firmware should be taken. If any issue rises after flashing you may revert it back to the previous state with your backup, so it’s recommended always take backup.
Always use a trusted application/tool to flash your device, like the famous application Odin, if you are a newbie to flashing with Odin then we recommend you take a look over the method of flashing with Odin.
It observed in common practice that updating firmware or reinstalling Samsung SM-B355E sort out the problems of a loop in the boot, software malfunctioning, update error, mobile phone hanging, stuck on android logo, and even dead issues.
If your phone is under warranty then firstly consult with your phone company, Reinstalling/Updating firmware may void your phone’s warranty. (Depends upon where you located, every company has different policies for different regions).


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