MTK Flash Tool Windows 7

MTK Flash Tool Windows 7

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Download MTK Flash Tool Windows 7:

The MTK Flash tool Windows 7 is a tiny Windows Computer application that enables you to Flash or install the Mediatek Feature Firmware Stock Tool.

The latest version of the MTK Flash Tool and the previous versions were shared here on this page.

The Mediatek Flash tool is also known as SP Flash Tools, MTK Flash Tool, or Universal Smartphone Flash tool that is used to flash the Mediatek smartphone operating system firmware. The advantage of this tool is that it enables the user to flash firmware for different manufacturers and does not require separate installation for each phone.

The Mediatek Firmware tool is used to flash or reinstall the firmware in Mediatek-based phones. The Windows Mediatek Flashtool is used to repair incorrect phone systems if needed, upgrade your phone with different firmware, create backups of your phone system before upgrading, etc.

Download the Latest Flash Tool for Windows 7  (exact release dependent on the computer system you are using). Insert your Feature Phone into your PC’s USB port. Run the File FlashTool.exe to execute the program. It’s simple to use and quite powerful. You can even Flash ROMs to devices that aren’t rooted! It requires no installation and is lightweight. The program interface is multilingual and works very well.

Portable Application Features of MTK Flash Tool Windows 7:

MTK Flash Tool Windows 7
MTK Flash Tool Windows 7

It comes as a portable application, which means that your computer doesn’t have to install it.

Download, extract and start the Flash tool.exe application file from your PC.

The Firmware flash:

It helps to save firmware on Media Feature Phone for Flash or Installs. You all need the correct Mediatek functionality firmware > VCOM Driver Install > Tool Start > Click Download/Set Button >> Click on Download/Set button Find the file. cfg in the folder for firmware > To start the Flashing, click on the Download button.

Mediatek Chipset support:

It is supported by Mediatek Chipset devices. Once the Mediatek VCOM drivers are installed on the computer, the MTK Flash Tool can simply recognize the connected device and be ready to flash the firmware.


The .cfg and.txt format support:


The.cfg or. text-based stock firmware on the device supports the flashing. In the stock of your Mediatek Feature Phone, you may simply discover the .cfg or.txt file.

MTK Flash Tool to download:

The MTK Flash Tool supports all Windows OS versions, including Windows XP and Windows 10. (x32 or x64 bit). If you are seeking the newest Flash Tool version, visit the following URLs to find it on your computer.

MTK Flash Tool Windows 7 Download From the Following links:

v3.0912MTK_FlashTool_v3.0912= Download

v3.0920: MTK_FlashTool_v3.0920= Download

v3.0936: MTK_FlashTool_v3.0936= Download

v3.0948: MTK_FlashTool_v3.0948= Download

v3.0952: MTK_FlashTool_v3.0952= Download

v3.1012: MTK_FlashTool_v3.1012= Download

v3.1016: MTK_FlashTool_v3.1016= Download

v3.1024: MTK_FlashTool_v3.1024= Download

v3.1032: MTK_FlashTool_v3.1032= Download

v3.1108: MTK_FlashTool_v3.1108= Download


MTK Flash Tool V5 Download:


v5.1112: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1112= Download

v5.1116: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1116= Download

v5.1120: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1120= Download

v5.1124: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1124= Download

v5.1128: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1128.= Download

v5.1140: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1140= Download

v5.1152: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1152= Download

v5.1205: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1205= Download

v5.1209: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1209= Download

v5.1212: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1212= Download

v5.1220: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1220= Download

v5.1232: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1232= Download

v5.1236: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1236= Download

v5.1240: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1240= Download

v5.1308: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1308= Download

v5.1312: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1312= Download

v5.1316: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1316= Download

v5.1320: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1320= Download

v5.1416: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1416= Download

v5.1420: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1420= Download

v5.1624: MTK_FlashTool_v5.1624= Download – Latest Version of Mtk Flash Tool.


If you need to download SP Flash Tool, just follow this Post: SP Flash Tool Download


Once to Read:

[*] It is Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 compatible (x32 or x64 bit).


[*] How to use: If you want to know how to use the Flash tool, go to the MTK Flash tool post.


[*] USB Driver Mediatek: If you look for the original USB Driver Mediatek then go to the AutoInstaller page of the MTK Driver.


[*] Credits: Mediatek, Inc. has developed MTK Tool and released it. So, they have complete credit for the free sharing of the application.