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What is ENG Modem?

Basically, the ENG Modem file is used for unlocking the network or repair the network issues. And unsupported modem error solution during patch the cert file.

ENG Modem File Using:

Here we discuss the SM-A405FM ENG Modem File which is used especially to repair the network during the patch of the cert files.

Nowadays many friends repair the IMEI of Samsung phones and after the repair IMEI number of any Samsung phone, its cert status going to NG, and the phone going to emergency call only. So for this purpose, we are patching the cert files but sometimes we cant patch the cert files because the modem file doesn’t match with the cert file. So we replace the modem file with this type of ENG Modem file.

Smartphone:  Galaxy A40  

Model Name:    SM-A405FM

 Brand:             SAMSUNG   

Firmware Ver: A405FMXXU3ATD1    

Binary:  3

File Type:    ENG Modem     

Date    29-1-2021


How to write ENG Modem file?

It’s too easy for any person, just use ODIN Flash Tool software for writing the SM-A405FM ENG Modem.

PROCEDURE: Open the ODIN Flash Tool and place the SM-A405FM ENG Modem File into the PDA option which is shown in the following picture. Hit the start button and wait until the process has been finished.

SM-A405FM ENG Modem File 2021


SM-A405FM ENG Modem File 2021

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