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Burga Phone Cases Review: Balancing Style, Protection and Value

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Burga Phone Cases Review

The mobile accessory market has exploded in recent years, with phone case offerings that range from basic and affordable to luxury designer brands. Burga has carved out an intriguing niche for itself, providing customers with stylish phone cases that don’t compromise on protection, all while maintaining reasonable pricing.

Burga offers a wide selection of phone case designs and colors to suit different tastes and preferences. Their minimalist cases add only slight bulk to phones, with precisely tailored cutouts and molding. Read on to learn more about Burga’s offerings, how their cases stack up in real-world use, and whether Burga brings enough value to be a contender in the competitive phone case market.

History of Burga As A Company

Founding story

Burga was founded in 2013 by two college friends, Roxanne Burga, and Fatima Hess. They met at a design school in New York City, where their shared passions for technology and fashion inspired them to create a line of phone cases that seamlessly blended both.

After participating in some design competitions and refining early prototypes, Burga and Hess officially launched the Burga brand name and put their cases into production. The sleek, stylish designs combined with affordability attracted interest from retailers and consumers alike.

Product range

In addition to phone cases, Burga has expanded into designing cases for tablets, MacBooks, and other devices. They’ve also partnered with major pop culture brands for licensed collaborations, such as cases featuring Disney, Marvel, and Harry Potter characters and designs.

Vision and values

Even as the company has grown, Burga and Hess have stuck closely to their original vision – making fashionable, functional tech accessories attainable for everyone. The Burga brand aims to reflect diversity and foster inclusion through its products and company culture.

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Overview of Burga Phone Case Designs

Variety of colors and patterns

One of Burga’s biggest strengths is the wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures available for their phone cases. Cases come in solids from bold brights to neutral tones. Metallic finishes, faux wood grains, marble patterns and more provide eye-catching options.

Slim, minimalist aesthetic

Burga cases are specifically designed to add minimum extra bulk and weight to phones. The brand’s ethos favors slim, minimalist styling that accentuates the phone’s natural shape rather than obscuring it. The resulting cases are lightweight and easy to pocket.

Precise cutouts for ports and buttons

Ensuring full functionality of ports, cameras, and buttons is essential for any case. Burga cases use precision molding for cutouts that match phone models exactly. This enables access to all features without removing the case.

Burga Case Interiors and Protection – Burga Phone Cases Review

Microfiber lining to prevent scratches

Inside each Burga case is a soft microfiber lining that prevents the hard case material from scratching the phone. Microfiber also absorbs shock from impacts. The material stays smooth over time rather than compressing down.

Reinforced bumpers for shock absorption

The edges of each Burga case incorporate extra molding called bumpers for absorbing shock. Bumpers flex and compress to diffuse energy when phones are dropped, reducing the force transmitted to the phone itself.

Protection compared to other brands

Burga cases offer reliable everyday protection, though not at the maximum levels of brands like Otterbox. They protect against moderate drops, bumps, scrapes, and dust ingress. However, Burga cases are not designed for rugged activities or severe impacts.

Real-World Testing and Reviews

Hands-on tests for fit and usability

Tech reviewers uniformly praise the precise fit of Burga cases, which hug phone dimensions closely while still being easy to remove. Buttons remain highly responsive when used through the case material without feeling mushy.

Drop tests from various heights

In controlled drop testing, Burga cases protect phones through drops from average table or pocket heights of 3-5 feet. Performance varies at higher drops up to 6 feet, with some phones remaining unscathed while others sustain screen or edge cracks.

Commentary from actual Burga users

Online customer reviews indicate most real-world Burga users are very satisfied with the cases. Many note the affordable pricing, wide selection, and protection against everyday wear as reasons they continue buying Burga for each new phone.

Cost and Value Proposition – Burga Phone Cases Review

Affordable pricing on Amazon

Burga made a strategic decision from the beginning to offer cases directly to consumers via Amazon, where most styles sell for $10-15. This competitive pricing attracts buyers who don’t want to pay premium prices for protection.

Stylish cases with quality materials

Despite the low prices, Burga doesn’t cut corners on materials or construction. The cases feature high-quality polycarbonates, flexible TPU bumpers, and microfiber interiors that competing budget cases often skimp on.

Comparable options at higher price points

For customers who like Burga’s minimalist aesthetic and exacting fit, comparable case options from brands like Peel and Totallee cost $25 or upward. Burga offers similar quality and protection for 35-60% less.

Drawbacks and Areas for Improvement – Burga Phone Cases Review

Lacks maximum protection of Otterbox

Burga cases are designed for everyday protection against moderate impacts and drops. But customers wanting maximum ruggedness for intense activities or clumsy handling may want to look to ultra-protective options like Otterbox instead.

Limited warranty period

Burga provides a standard 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. But some competing case brands offer lifetime warranties. Burga could consider extending its policy to provide more coverage.

Accessory compatibility could be better

Some reviewers note that Burga cases don’t always perfectly accommodate add-ons like external lenses, grips, and wireless charging adapters. A design focus on enhancing accessory compatibility would be welcome.

Best Uses and Ideal Consumers for Burga

Budget-focused shoppers

The affordable $10-15 pricing makes Burga cases very appealing to customers who don’t want to spend big on a phone case but still want protection and quality. Students and teens are ideal buyers.

Seeking slim, stylish cases

Fans of minimalist, slimline case designs are drawn to Burga for its precision-tailored fit and a huge variety of colors and finishes. Burga cases maintain phones’ natural slim profiles.

Frequent case changers

For people who like changing up their case look often, Burga offers a lot of customizable options without breaking the bank. The wide selection allows mixing and matching.

Overview of Burga Phone Case Designs

Design Aspect Details
Variety of colors and patterns Cases come in solids, metallics, faux wood, marble patterns, and more
Slim, minimalist aesthetic Cases add minimal bulk and accentuate the phone’s shape
Precise cutouts Cutouts match phone models exactly for full port/button access

The Future of Burga Phone Cases

Growing brand recognition

As Burga cases continue receiving positive reviews and word-of-mouth buzz, the brand’s visibility and reputation in the phone case market keep improving. This will likely fuel further growth.

Potential for more designs and collaborations

Burga has strong expertise in producing stylish, well-fitted phone cases. Expanding into more patterns, licensed designs, collaborations, and specialty materials could attract new customers.

Can they break into the premium case market?

Given the brand’s design chops and attention to detail, Burga has the potential to enter the premium phone case market occupied by brands like Casetify and Casely. Interesting to see if they pursue that route.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts – Burga Phone Cases Review

Burga has earned its place as a respectable contender among phone case companies. By honing its core strengths around style, fit, and value, Burga succeeds in offering customers quality protection in slim, tailored cases. While not the most rugged option, Burga cases are more than adequate for everyday use.

For shoppers who want a huge variety of personalized case designs at affordable pricing, Burga is definitely worth considering. Tech lovers who take pride in their phone’s style will appreciate Burga’s fashionable approach. As Burga continues reaching more customers, it will be exciting to see the brand continue evolving.