Darktide Cursor Stuck On Screen

How To Fix Darktide Cursor Stuck On Screen

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How To Fix Darktide Cursor Stuck On Screen 

If you are a game lover and experiencing Darktide Cursor Stuck On Screen, here is a solution. Fans of the series anxiously anticipated the arrival of Warhammer 40K: Darktide, but it has been tainted by the existence of various flaws and glitches, including a particularly annoying one – the stuck cursor problem. If you’re one of the many gamers having this difficulty, keep reading to learn some simple remedies that could just help.

What does the Warhammer 40K: Darktide Stuck Cursor Bug entail?

When the cursor on your screen becomes stuck and won’t move, it is known as the stuck cursor bug in Darktide. This prevents you from doing any actions in the game, which makes for a terrible gaming experience.

Fix Darktide Cursor Stuck On Screen
Darktide Cursor Stuck On Screen

Simple Solution: Alt + Tab: 

The Alt + Tab method is the fastest and simplest solution to the trapped cursor problem. Try hitting Alt + Tab to enter and exit the game if you have a problem while transitioning between your conversation and the game. This could help to address the problem.

Chat Method: 

Try the chat method as another quick fix. Press Enter to start the discussion, and Backspace to end it. Your mouse could move a little as a result, getting rid of the stuck cursor glitch.

Screen Borderless Option: 

You might try turning on the Borderless Screen option in the video settings if you use several displays. After that, move the cursor about; perhaps, this will fix Darktide’s mouse bug.

Screen Resolution Adjustment: 

The game’s and your system’s screen resolution may both be changed. By using this trick, you may be able to unfreeze your stuck cursor and resume playing the game usually.

Restart the Game to address Darktide Cursor Stuck On Screen: 

Attempt to restart the game if neither of the previous solutions work. Visit the Darktide game forum and post a bug report if the issue continues. Your suggestions may speed up the development of a genuine hotfix, which the devs are probably already working on.

In conclusion, the Warhammer 40K:

Darktide frozen cursor glitch may be a terrible experience for gamers, but there are a few solutions you can attempt to fix the problem. One of these fixes will probably work for you, whether it’s the Alt + Tab technique, the chat technique, changing the screen resolution, or just restarting the game. So continue to try and play!


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