Download Sky ROMs

Download Sky ROM

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We have managed to publish the Sky ROM Firmware (Flash File) for all Sky smartphones and tablets on this website.

Every one of the following The original Sky USB Driver, Flash Tool, and Firmware File are included in the Sky Stock ROM (zip file). After downloading the firmware, follow the instructions in the manual that came with it to flash or install the firmware on your mobile device.

Download Sky ROMs
Download Sky ROM

What is Sky Stock ROM and what are its benefits?

Depending on the device type and Android version, the Sky Stock ROM (Mobile OS) is the most stable ROM supplied by device makers. The Stock ROM, on the other hand, does not provide many tweaks or features for the device.

While third-party firmware (Custom ROM) typically contains system flaws and stability difficulties. In this situation, you may have battery problems, network problems, camera problems, missing features, lags, overheating, sluggish performance, and other difficulties. However, by switching to Stock ROM, you may rapidly resolve all of them.

The Benefits of Sky Stock ROM.

  • Remove the device’s brick.
  • Mobile OS can be upgraded or downgraded.
  • Resolve the OTA update problem.
  • Repair a bug in the device initialization loop.
  • Repair any bugs on your phone.
  • Repair any lag or stuttering on the device.
  • Resolve the battery drain issue.
  • Enhancement of software performance.
  • Returning a stock ROM activates the phone’s warranty.

Download Sky Rom:

Sky 4.0D Firmware
Sky 4.5D Firmware
Sky 4.5LM Telcel Firmware
Sky 4.5LT Tigo Firmware
Sky 5.0 LT Firmware
Sky 5.0Q Firmware
Sky 868 Firmware
Sky D18 Firmware
Sky Elite 5.0L Plus Firmware
Sky Elite 5.0T Bitel Firmware
Sky Elite 6.0L Plus Firmware
Sky Elite A55 Firmware
Sky Elite Photo Pro Firmware
Sky Fuego 4.0T EC Firmware
Sky Platinum 4.0 Firmware
Sky Platinum 5.5 Firmware
Sky Platinum 5.7 Firmware
Sky Platinum A4 Firmware
Sky Platinum A5 Firmware
Sky Platinum A57 Firmware
Sky Platinum B5 Firmware
Sky Platinum C4 Firmware
Sky Platinum M4 Movistar Firmware
Sky Platinum M5 Firmware
Sky Pro III Firmware
Sky Pro Selfie Firmware
Sky S2 Firmware
Sky S408A Firmware
Sky SM100 Firmware
Sky SM100 Jumbo Firmware
Sky SM120 Firmware
Sky SM130 Firmware
Sky SM160 Firmware
Sky SM165 Firmware
Sky SM170 Firmware
Sky SM250 Firmware



The Sky ROM includes the original Sky USB Driver, Flash Tool, and Firmware File (zip file). After downloading the firmware, follow the manual’s instructions to flash or install it on your mobile device. Returning a stock ROM activates the warranty on the phone.