is pubg cross platform

Is PUBG Crossplay or Cross Platform

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What is PUBG Crossplay?

A well-known multiplayer online battle royale game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG. Participants in the game parachute onto an island and engage in combat to see who survives.

Crossplay is one of the most often sought PUBG improvements since it would enable players from various platforms to play together. Crossplay is currently not supported by PUBG, therefore Xbox and PlayStation gamers are unable to play together.

However, PUBG’s creators have made plans to include cross-play in the future. This would make it possible for gamers to play together across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, considerably enhancing the overall gaming experience.

is pubg cross platform
Is PUBG Crossplay or Cross Platform

How does crossplay work?

By enabling connections to the same game servers amongst players using various platforms, crossplay functions. The game servers pair up players with others who share their tastes and skill levels via a process known as “matchmaking,” which accomplishes this.

Players may take part in a match together once they are linked to the same game servers. No matter whether they are using an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, this enables multiplayer gaming amongst users of many platforms.

How to enable crossplay in PUBG?

It is presently not feasible to enable cross-player in PUBG since the game’s developer has not yet added the option. However, the crossplay option will likely need to be enabled in the game’s settings once it is released.

How to enable crossplay in PUBG

It’s also crucial to remember that activating crossplay can need a game update. Thus, before trying to enable cross-play, gamers must make sure their game is up to date.


Adding crossplay to PUBG would enable players on various platforms to team up and have a far more enjoyable experience. Although it’s not accessible at the moment, the developers have promised to add it in the near future. A larger variety of matching choices and the chance to play with more people are among the things gamers may anticipate in the interim.