KingRoot App Download (all versions)

KingRoot App Download (All Versions)

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KingRoot App Download all versions in one place with a simple click.

A small app kingroot for Android devices, the kingroot software (apk) lets you root any Android device operating with a single tap from Android 2.2 to Android 7.0. The initial version of the KingRoot App and previous versions have been posted on this list.

KingRoot App Download (All Versions)

Kingroot is a root app for Android devices that lets you root any Android device with a single tap. Kingroot can be used to root Android 2.2 to Android 7.0 devices. The initial version of the KingRoot App and previous versions have been posted on this list.

– Fast Root: Kingroot supports a single click root.

If you’re looking for the latest KingRoot App download, or want to download KingRoot Kingroot Kingroot Kingroot KingRoot KingRoot Kingroot Kingroot KingRoot KingRoot Kingroot Kingroot King root root Root 4.1.0, then you’re in the right place! You can easily find all versions of the app on this page.

Everyone needs to root their Android device from time to time for a number of reasons.  Here are some examples:

– When you buy a new Android device, it comes with many pre-installed applications and settings. Most people don’t enjoy bloatware and would prefer a clean slate with no installed apps, junk files, or unnecessary user-interface tweaks from manufacturers/carriers/the OS provider which affect system performance slightly more each day as they work in the background. Rooting your device can help liberate it from such annoyances.

– You may want to install a custom ROM or kernel on your Android device, and many times this requires root access.

– Sometimes you need to take screenshots of the screen (or record video) but Android doesn’t let you do that without root access.

– There are tons of other reasons why people might want to root their devices, but these are some of the more common ones.


KingRoot Software Features:

Root App with a Single Click:

Kingroot is an app for rooting Android devices with a single-click functionality. Kingroot can be used to root Android 7.0 (Nougat) devices with one button.

Fast Root:

Kingroot supports a single click root. Kingroot on your mobile device >> Download and update Open the application > Press the Start Root button to root the Android device quickly.

App Purify:

After it has been rooted with Kingroot you can find the Purify app in your device’s App Drawer. Purifying software can help you carry out a variety of activities such as deleting pre-installed system applications, blocking startup applications, clearing cache data, and battery maximization.

Internet connection is required:

You must have an active internet connection to run the rooting operation. To root it, Kingroot looks for the correct Android root plan.

Install the KingRoot App (APK):

The Android versions of kingroot 2.2 to 7.0 are compliant. Use the following links to download Kingroot on your computer or mobile device if you are looking for the latest edition.

v4.9.5_20160728: Kingroot_v4.9.5_20160728.apk  Download

v4.9.6_20160803: Kingroot_v4.9.6_20160803.apk Download

v4.9.6_20160826: Kingroot_v4.9.6_20160826.apk Download

v4.9.6_20160906: Kingroot_v4.9.6_20160906.apk Download

v4.9.6_20160930: Kingroot_v4.9.6_20160930.apk Download

v4.9.7_20161018: Kingroot_v4.9.7_20161018.apk   Download

v4.9.7_20161025: Kingroot_v4.9.7_20161025.apk  Download

v4.9.7_20161108: Kingroot_v4.9.7_20161108.apk  Download

v4.9.7_20161111: Kingroot_v4.9.7_20161111.apk     Download

v4.9.7_20161114: Kingroot_v4.9.7_20161114.apk    Download

v5.0.0_20161123: Kingroot_v5.0.0_20161123.apk  Download

v5.0.1_20161215: Kingroot_v5.0.1_20161215.apk    Download

v5.0.2_20170113: Kingroot_v5.0.2_20170113.apk   Download

v5.0.2_20170122: Kingroot_v5.0.2_20170122.apk  Download

v5.0.4_20170213: Kingroot_v5.0.4_20170213.apk  Download

v5.0.5_20170313: Kingroot_v5.0.5_20170313.apk  Download

v5.0.5_20170324: Kingroot_v5.0.5_20170324.apk Download

v5.0.5_20170420: Kingroot_v5.0.5_20170420.apk Download

v5.1.0_20170505: Kingroot_v5.1.0_20170505.apk  Download

v5.1.2_20170609: Kingroot_v5.1.2_20170609.apk  Download

v5.2.0_20170711: Kingroot_v5.2.0_20170711.apk   Download

v5.2.2_20170912: Kingroot_v5.2.2_20170912.apk  Download

v5.3.0_20171025: Kingroot_v5.3.0_20171025.apk  Download

v5.3.1_20171127: Kingroot_v5.3.1_20171127.apk     Download

v5.3.5_20180207: Kingroot_v5.3.5_20180207.apk Download

v5.3.7_20180619: Kingroot_v5.3.7_20180619.apk – Latest    Download