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Realme 1 ColorOS 5.2 Firmware Download – (Installation Guide)

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Realme 1 ColorOS 5.2 Firmware Download – (Installation Guide) free of cost without any problem, it’s easy steps. 

ColorOS 5.2 Stable Rome for Realme was published by Realme 1. Oreo 8.1 comes with new features and bug fixes in ColorOS 5.2 on Android. A simple and secure tutorial for installing Realme 1 ColorOS 5.2 Stable Rom is available here.

Realme 1 is a Smartphone with a 6.0-inch touch display in dual SIM. Realme 1 features an 8-megapixel auto camera and a 13-megapixel rear camera chipset with Mediatek MT6771 Helio P60. 3/4/6 GB RAM and 32/64/128 GB Rome are on the Realme 1 Phone.

Stable Rom Added Battery Optimization mode for the ColorOS 5.2 changelog.
Dynamically controls the contrast and lightness in the screen for balanced images with low power consumption, with the exception of Cameras and Gallery applications. Screen Battery Optimization Balance mode improves battery durability by 5% and Strong mode enhances battery endurance by about 10 percent. Real results can vary because of different conditions of use.

System 1. Disclaimer of single swipe notification:- You may swipe the notice from left to right now.
2. Status bar headset icon:- When you add the headset you can see a headset icon in the status bar.

3. Intelligent Multitasking Bar:- You can add apps you often use for fast app launching and multitasking in “Smart Bar.”

4. Restart feature added:- The shutdown interface allows you to swipe up and reset.

5. Optimized remembrances for Developer Options and Accessibility Mode and Device Manager on- Device and Device Options,

Device & Privacy, Ongoing Notifications, and Texts have been removed at the top right corner.

6. Enhanced touch screen frequency.

Helper for Google

1. Power to run Google Assistant long-press button for 0.5 s.


1. Patch Level for Android Security: 5 December 2018.


Prepare the Realme 1 ColorOS 5.2 Stable Rome installation


1. You should first use this backup guide to back up your telephone.

2. The battery of your phone should be charged around 80 percent.

3. These processes are easy, but you first have to read all the steps and start the process attentively.

Realme 1 ColorOS 5.2 Rome Download


ColorOS 5.2 Stable Rome installation on realm 1
This is the simplest approach to Realme 1 to install ColorOS 5.2. Follow the following steps:

Step 1: Download and rename ColorOS 5.2 to as “” such as RMX1801EX 11 OTA 0130 all xy


Step 2: Connect your phone to your PC and copy the zip file to internal storage on your phone. Do not copy the zip to any folder or SD card upgrade file!

Step three: Boot the device in recovery mode, so turn off the device and hold the up and down volume button for a few seconds at the same time. You can now use your phone’s recovery mode. You can pick your language, select storage, and locate and tap your phone storage update file.

Realme 1 ColorOS 5.2 Firmware Download - (Installation Guide)
Realme 1 ColorOS 5.2 Firmware Download

Step 4: Start the Rome flashing process now, so don’t interrupt the process, you can start your first phone boots with the new Stable ColorOS 5.2 Rome in 4 to 6 minutes.

You can root your mobile phone after you install a new Realme 1 ColorOS 5.2, as root allows you to use as much of your mobile phone as possible without restrictions. Use custom apps, rom and personalized settings on your phone after root. But Root Advantage and Disadvantage read for the first time.

I hope you enjoy the latest installation guideline Realme 1 ColorOS 5 Stable Rome, from which you can install Realme 1 ColorOS 5.2 Stable Rome easily without extra effort. Please use the comment box if there is an issue with this guide. Thanks to everyone.