Samsung a01 FRP Bypass

Samsung A01 FRP Bypass

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Samsung A01 FRP Bypass… Android users may experience issues while trying to activate their Google accounts. The so-called Factory Reset Protection function has likely been used by a user if they are unable to proceed with authorization. You must reset the FRP in order to activate the device and keep using it. How can this be done without harming your smartphone?

What is the Use of FRP?

Factory Reset Protection is the meaning of the acronym. This function debuted in Android 5.1.

As most people are aware, the operating system’s designers work hard to safeguard their customers’ cell phones. FRP prevents someone who has stolen a mobile device from activating it for future use to this extent. That is if the attacker tries to reactivate the device, a notification claiming that the smartphone only supports the owner’s Google account will appear on the screen.

Factory Reset Protection is undoubtedly a helpful feature. However, a person who purchased a used smartphone may also experience difficulties activating a new account. There is no theft occurring in this instance. However, the customer is not given the chance to activate their account.


How to Get Around Samsung Galaxy A01’s FRP Lock

Unfortunately, when a smartphone is acquired secondhand, the issue with establishing a new Google account happens rather frequently. There are two approaches to fixing the problem:

The formal manner:

The informal manner:

These names are somewhat random. Nevertheless, they sufficiently describe the user’s required actions. To reset their Google account in the first scenario, the user must speak with the former owner of the smartphone. The second technique involves FRP bypassing on its own without utilizing the information from the previously created account.

The Proper Way

It is assumed that the current owner of the Samsung Galaxy A01 smartphone has the ability to get in touch with the device’s prior owner when using this method. You will need the prior Google account information, including the associated email address and password, in order to reset FRP properly.

  • Enter the prior account’s information in the Greetings window or phone settings.
  • In the same way, log in on the computer.
  • Unlink the smartphone from the list of connected devices on the PC.
  • Go to the Google account settings on the phone and delete the account.
  • Enable the Unlock OEM option in the developer options.

The associated device will be unlocked and FRP will be reset if everything is done correctly. You can enter your Google account information when the smartphone has been restarted.

Unofficial Method

Without an email address or password, there are a number of ways to get around the Google Account lock on a Samsung Galaxy A01.

The first choice:


  1. Then, switch on the phone after inserting a SIM card.
  2. Don’t use the gadget activation menu.
  3. Dial the mobile device.
  4. Assume the call, then save the new contact.
  5. Enter the following command in the dialer: *#*#4636#*#*
Samsung a01 FRP Bypass
Samsung a01 FRP Bypass

6. To access the phone settings, press the Back button on the opened menu.

7. Go to Backup and Restore, then Recovery and Reset.

Turn off data backup and reset the factory settings.

The second choice:


  1. Activate the SIM card-equipped phone.
  2. During the initial boot-up, connect to Wi-Fi.
  3. Enter a few letters, then underline the content.
  4. To SMS this text, use the Share option.
  5. As the receiving number, enter 112.
  6. When you try to send the SMS, a notification stating the message was not sent will show up. This is exactly what we require.
  7. Open the texting menu by entering the 112 number, then select Call.
  8. Samsung a01 FRP Bypass 3
  9. Delete 112, then type the command *#*#4636#*#*.

Similar to the last approach, restart your smartphone after doing a factory reset under the Recovery and Reset menu.


After restarting the device, the user can enter the information for a new Google account regardless of the reset method they select. Disabling the FRP feature is recommended.


How to Bypass the Samsung A01 FRP Lock

How to Bypass the Samsung A01 FRP Lock You may be asking yourself, How do I bypass FRP on my Samsung device? The first thing you should know about the Samsung A01 FRP lock is that it can’t be bypassed by modifying or tampering with your device in any way (or replacing your current IMEI number). If you’re thinking of tampering with anything physically related to your device, stop now and head to the next section of this article.


FRP Protection is a security feature on some Android devices, which has been introduced by Google. It blocks your phone’s access to apps and content if you try to use it with an account that does not match the one used for activation of Factory Reset Protection.
Luckily, there are ways to bypass this lock, so you can fully utilize your new smartphone without having a serious setback in your endeavors.


Factory Reset Protection, or FRP for short, is a software protection mechanism designed by Google for all of its devices. It allows only authorized users who have established ownership over their device (or have been given permission) to reset it from scratch. Factory Reset Protection is an important security measure that prevents thieves from quickly wiping away your data and re-selling your device without you getting a chance to retrieve any of your files first.

What happens when an account gets blocked?

When an account gets blocked, it’s not only frustrating but also disheartening. Imagine you being barred from accessing your Gmail account because of a wrong password. You’ve just logged in but you’re faced with a dialogue box that says ‘Google Account Disabled’ or something similar. What should you do? Well, don’t lose hope because there are ways to bypass Google accounts when they get blocked.

How to solve the problem?

By entering a few commands in ADB, you’ll be able to reboot your device in RTO and bypass your Google account. Here’s how:
– Connect your phone to your PC. If you’re not sure how read our guide on how to flash TWRP recovery.
– Download ADB/ Fastboot for Windows/ MacOS from this link and extract it in any folder. In that folder, there should be an executable file called ADB. Double-click on it and when the terminal opens type adb devices (without quotes) to check if your phone is recognized. If yes, type adb shell then su followed by entering. Enter these three commands consecutively: setprop persist.service.adb.enable 1; sh /data/local/tmp/combo_runme


Samsung is notorious for locking its devices with their own password or FRP bypass. Many a time, people have had to contact customer service just to reactivate a locked device. Luckily, there are ways to bypass this lock using software like the software program ZTE F-Pass Repair, which was made specifically for that purpose.
Downloading this program and downloading it onto your PC will likely let you take control of your Samsung phone once again by giving you unrestricted access.