Samsung A21s Audio Problem and Speaker Ways

Samsung A21s Audio Problem and Speaker Jumper Ways

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Samsung A21s Audio Problem and Speaker Jumper Ways download from here… Hi, Mobile Specialist here to provide ways to fix the speaker output issue on a Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F phone as well as fixes for problems with the ringer, buzzer, or hands-free speaker that aren’t working. The phone handset repair and troubleshooting steps in this solution can be helpful.

The Samsung A21s is one of Samsung’s top smartphones. and people adore it a lot. Although it offers many useful functions, several flaws and problems still exist for its users. We’ll talk about how to resolve the sound problems with the Samsung Galaxy A21 in this guide. Here are some things you can do if your phone isn’t producing any sound or if you’re having problems with volume or sound in general.

Samsung Galaxy A21 Speaker Repair Guide

If there is corrosion and oxidation buildup on the speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board, you can first clean them before checking the speaker with a multimeter to see if it is working or not. A broken speaker is replaced. If the speaker is determined to be in working order, you can refer to the answer below and perform a check and test method on a few parts that are connected to or associated with the hands-free speaker circuit.

Why the Samsung A21s Has Audio and Speaker Jumper Issues

  • The buzzer could be broken.
  • When there is dust on the buzzer mesh or when the buzzer is broken, low sound and distorted sounds frequently happen.
  • The coils can be broken.
  • The connections and coils of the buzzer are not connected.
  • There is a one-in-a-million chance that the buzzer issue was brought on by a fault with the onboard connector, however, this only occurs in very uncommon circumstances.

Repair for Samsung A21s A217F Speaker Audio Issue:

Samsung A21s Audio Problem and Speaker Ways
Samsung A21s Audio Problem and Speaker Ways


  • Use a multimeter to inspect the buzzer. If already damaged, replace. A weak buzzer is the cause of distorted audio. maybe it has already reached its limit. (Damaged internal coil)
  • Make sure the terminal is not out of alignment if the speaker sounds good and there are no obvious problems. Then remove any potential oxidation buildups from the buzzer terminal contact pads (this might weaken the connection).
  • Verify the connection line pathways of each buzzer+ and buzzer- across to each component where it is being linked.
  • Make a jumper if any of the buzzer + or – tracks are missing.

Its incoming voice cannot be controlled by an external IC. The incoming caller voice leveling feature does not have a volume level option. By cleaning the motherboard, you might be able to make some minor repairs. After cleaning the motherboard of your cell phone with an electronics cleaner, don’t forget to dry it.

if there is a water damage issue with the phone. On the motherboard, look for any missing, burned resistors or capacitors. You can fix it by resoldering or replacing any damaged or missing parts before replacing the whole thing. The earpiece’s pinpoints occasionally function properly. However, there is a connection problem with the ringer that fits into the front panel.

In this case, you can try a direct jumper from the pinpoints of the speaker to the pinpoints of its holder. Resoldering the speaker pad’s pinpoints has helped me resolve this problem numerous times.

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