How to Root Note 10 Plus Android 11

How to Root Note 10 Plus Android 11 Without Reset

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With the help of the cutting-edge rooting technique Magisk, this post will demonstrate how to root Note 10 Plus Android 11 without Reset. I’ve demonstrated two ways to root this device, one requiring TWRP recovery and the other without requiring it.

You can choose the second step if your device doesn’t support TWRP. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s stock firmware is required for this technique. The boot image must then be extracted and patched using Magisk.

Describe Magisk

Magisk is a very sophisticated method for systemless rooting Android. Therefore, Magisk can root an Android device without affecting or altering the system partition. As a result, you can run apps that must pass Google’s SafetyNet test and receive OTA updates.
OTA updates require a lot of effort to install using other ways, but Magisk makes it simple and trouble-free to get updates. The best thing about this solution is that it works with practically all Android devices running versions 4.2 to 11. (Latest).

Because of this, we prefer utilizing Magisk to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus over alternative rooting techniques.

What Is Meant by Rooting?

Giving your Android phone superpowers is the result of rooting it. It allows for several smartphone customizations and adjustments. You have complete control over your Android System files once you’ve rooted your phone.

The best things you can do after rooting your device include installing Custom ROM, getting rid of bloatware (unwanted apps), adding Modules, and much more. But first, we must comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of rooting your gadget.


Benefits of Rooting

The following are some benefits or pros of rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

  • On your device, you can install a custom ROM.
  • Update the Android software on your phone.
  • On your phone, it is simple to install incompatible apps.
  • To improve device performance, you can flash Custom Kernel.
  • Utilize NANDroid backup to create a complete backup of your Android.

The Drawbacks of Rooting

The following are some drawbacks or drawbacks of rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

  • The warranty on the phone will expire.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 won’t be secure anymore.
  • On the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you can experience sluggish issues.
  • If you skip any steps while rooting, your smartphone can become bricked.


  1. Make sure you unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 before continuing.
    Fully charge your smartphone. If not, the procedure will stall and you will be stranded.
  2. Make a complete backup of your Android device.
  3. To use method 1, your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 must have TWRP Recovery installed.

For Technique 2:

  • Download the ADB Fastboot Tool and the most recent SDK Platform utilities.
  • Update your Samsung USB drivers.
  • This approach needs a PC or laptop to run ADB commands.
  • OEM USB cable for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Only the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may use this manual. Do not attempt these procedures on any other smartphone, please.

Method 1: Use TWRP Recovery to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

On your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 handset, download the most recent Magisk Zip file.
Transfer the downloaded zip file to the external storage of your phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 should now restart in TWRP recovery mode.

  • Offset your phone.
  • Release the Power button after holding down the Volume Up + Power buttons until the boot screen appears (do not release the volume up key until you boot into TWRP mode.)

As an alternative, you can boot into recovery mode by using the ADB command.

  • Connect your PC or laptop to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
  • Type the following command into your PC’s Command Prompt when it has been opened.
adb reboot recovery
  • With this, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will boot into recovery mode.
  • Tap “Install” on the TWRP home screen to begin.
    Find and choose the Magisk installer zip file.
How to Root Note 10 Plus Android 11
How to Root Note 10 Plus Android 11 Without Reset

Finally, flash the file and install Magisk on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone by sliding the slider at the bottom of the screen.
After the flashing is finished, select Reboot System.
Open the Magisk App at this time to see if all of the checks are green. You can manually download and install the app if you don’t see it.

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 handset will gain root access after using the aforementioned procedures successfully. Please let me know in the comments if you run into any difficulties with any of the steps.

How can you tell whether you’ve successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

  • Get the Root Checker application from the Google Play Store.
  • Start the app, then select “Verify Root.”
  • Congratulations! Your device has been successfully rooted, you will see this message. This device has root access installed correctly.

Root Checker App for How to Root Note 10 Plus

  • As shown in the screenshot up top.


Thus, a thorough explanation of how to root a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone was provided. This guide has been created with the utmost simplicity.

However, if you continue to run into issues while putting the instructions into practice, kindly let me know in the comments. I’ll work to find a quick solution to your problems.