Install TWRP LG G5

Install TWRP LG G5

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How to install TWRP LG G5 on any Android smartphone. The guide is quite useful for newbie users who are looking to learn the process of installing TWRP recovery and Rooting let’s have a look at this How To Install TWRP Recovery guide carefully.

TWRP Means?

TWRP is an abbreviation for Team Win Recovery Project, which is a fully touch-based custom recovery interface. TWRP was originally designed for Nexus devices, but it has since been made available for a wide range of other smartphones and tablets, both third-party and official. You can simply root and unroot your device by using TWRP recovery.

Install TWRP LG G5
Install TWRP LG G5

TWRP Recovery has the following advantages:

After installing the TWRP recovery, you can flash your smartphone with a custom ROM to upgrade it.
If you use a standard bootloader of stock ROM, TWRP will offer you a touch-screen interface that allows you to use the volume up and down buttons. TWRP, on the other hand, offers a touch-based interface.

TWRP allows you to back up your phone’s base ROM and then restore it at any moment.

TWRP recovery has the following disadvantages:

The disadvantage of TWRP recovery is that your phone may brick after installing TWRP, which means your phone may be completely ruined.
TWRP is also not supported by all smartphones.


First and foremost, you must unlock the bootloader on your device; otherwise, you will be unable to install TWRP on your phone.
On your LG G5 T-Mobile, enable USB Debugging.

Enable ADB and fastboot mode.

Install USB drivers on your computer.

ADB for Windows should be downloaded and installed.

ADB for Mac to be downloaded and installed.

ADB for Linux should be downloaded and installed.

TWRP Recovery for LG G5 T-Mobile is available for download.


TWRP Installation for the LG G5 T-Mobile: –

To begin, turn off your LG G5 T-Mobile phone.
Start your smartphone in fastboot mode by pressing the power button and the volume down button simultaneously.

Then, on your PC/Mac, navigate to the ADB folder.

Now, in the ADB file, select Address Bar.

Then, type Cmd and click enter.

Then, in Command Prompt, enter the command.

adb Reboot Bootloader

Then, type fastboot devices.

Then type “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img” and hit the enter key.

Now, type fastboot reboot and press the enter key.

You have now successfully installed TWRP recovery on your LG G5 T-Mobile device.


Install TWRP LG G5

The LG G5 is the latest flagship device from one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t complicated. If you want to root your LG G5 or flash a new ROM, then you need to install TWRP recovery and an unlocked bootloader first. Installing TWRP on the LG G5 is straightforward, but there are a few prerequisites and precautions to take before we continue. If you don’t follow these instructions correctly, you could end up with a bricked device — which means it will not turn on, ever again. So be very careful and follow every step carefully.

IMPORTANT: Don’t Enable OEM Lock Until You Install a Custom Recovery

The first thing to note is that if you want to unlock your LG G5 bootloader and flash TWRP, you need to temporarily disable device encryption. If you don’t, you will end up with an “encrypted data” error when you try to access the device via ADB. This error is harmless, but it means you can’t interact with the device until you decrypt it. Encrypted data is normal on modern Android devices, but you need to decrypt it temporarily before you can continue to access your device. To do this, turn off the device, then hold Volume Down and press Power to boot into the Bootloader menu. When you’re in the Bootloader, use the volume buttons to select “Start”, then select “Error Code” and scroll down to “Encrypt device”. You can also access this menu from the Settings menu by navigating to “Lock Screen and Security”, then selecting “Encrypt phone”. If you need to re-encrypt your device at any point, simply go back to the above menus and select “Encrypt device” again.

Check Your Device and Install the Correct Drivers

Before you start installing custom software, you should make sure that the device is listed as supported by the tools and programs you’ll use. Navigate to the download page for your toolkit, then select your device from the list of supported devices. Check “model” and “version” to ensure that your device is correctly identified. If anything is incorrect, try searching for your device name and model number. There are many websites that provide support for Android devices and you may find that your model is supported by more than one site. If you can’t find any information about your device, try searching for your device model number on Google. Be aware that some websites will try to sell you additional software and drivers, while others will be legitimate manufacturers and support sites. Once you’ve installed the correct drivers, you can continue with the rest of the instructions. Make sure you’ve installed the recommended software for your device before continuing. In particular, you need to install ADB and Fastboot.

Download TWRP for the LG G5

There are a few different versions of TWRP available for the LG G5, so you should be careful which one you download. For example, the international version of the G5 has a different codename than the US version, so you can’t flash a US version on an international device. There are also different recovery images for the H820/H830 and H850/H856 variants of the LG G5, so make sure you select the correct version. You can find a full list of available TWRP images on the TWRP website. Once you’ve found the correct version, download the file to the device by clicking the download button. If you’re not sure which version to download, select the version for the H820/H830. This version is compatible with both the H820 and H830 models and is likely to work on any G5.

Unlock the Bootloader

If you’ve never unlocked the bootloader on an Android device, it’s very easy to do so. Before you unlock the bootloader, make sure you have the correct drivers installed and that your device is charged to at least 40% battery level. You can unlock the bootloader by visiting this link. Click “Start” and follow the instructions on the site. Be careful when you type your password and make sure that you don’t select any other device than your own. The process will take a few minutes, but once it’s finished, you’ll have an unlocked bootloader. When the bootloader unlock process is complete, you will see a message that says “Your device has been unlocked”. You can also verify that the device is unlocked by going to Settings -> About Phone -> Status. There should be a message that says “Bootloader unlock allowed”. If the bootloader isn’t unlocked, try the process again, but make sure that you’re entering the correct password.

Flash TWRP With Fastboot

Once you’ve unlocked the bootloader, you’re ready to flash TWRP. Make sure your device is connected to your computer via USB and that you’ve installed the correct drivers. Select the TWRP image that you downloaded earlier, then right-click on the file and select “Open with”. Select “ADB” or “Open command window here” from the menu, then click “OK”. This will open a new command prompt or terminal window where you can enter commands. Before you can flash TWRP, you’ll need to make sure that your device is in “fastboot mode”. You can do this by holding Power and pressing Volume Down until you see the “fastboot” text. Your device will now show a “FASTBOOT” message on the screen. Next, enter the following command: fastboot flash recovery image name>.img

Reboot Out of Fastboot and Test to Confirm Installation

Once you’ve flashed TWRP with the fastboot command, go back to the Bootloader menu and select “Reboot”. Select “Recovery”, select “Factory Reset”, then select “Yes” to confirm. The device will reboot into stock recovery, and you should see the “TeamWin’s Recovery” logo. If you don’t see TWRP, try rebooting into recovery again. If you see TWRP, you’ve successfully installed an unofficial recovery on your LG G5. You can now flash custom ROMs or root your device using one of the methods outlined below.


The LG G5 is a great device, but it can be a little complicated for newcomers and less tech-savvy users. If you want to root or install a custom ROM on the G5, you need to install TWRP and unlock the bootloader first. This can seem like a daunting process, but it’s straightforward if you follow the instructions correctly. Follow the instructions above carefully, and you’ll be flashing custom ROMs in no time.