Samsung A025u Unlock Bootloader

Samsung A025u Unlock Bootloader

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Samsung A025u Unlock Bootloader: Have you purchased or are you intending to purchase the just-released Samsung Galaxy A02 handset? If you answered yes,

you are probably one of the many active Android users who enjoy customizing their smartphones thanks to the availability of bootloader unlocking,

third-party firmware flashing, rooting, and so on.

To recap, the first and most critical step is to unlock your device bootloader so that your handset can undergo system-level changes. Isn’t that fantastic? You can simply unlock the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy A02 by following the instructions provided below.


Before we proceed to unlock the bootloader on your Galaxy A02, let us compile a list of the prerequisites that must be met.

Please charge your phone:

To minimize boot loop troubles during the unlocking procedure, make sure your Galaxy A02 is charged to roughly 60% before using it to unlock the bootloader.

You’ll need a computer or a laptop:

We’d be running ADB and Fastboot commands that may be run on a PC or a laptop. So, in order to unlock the bootloader, we’d need a computer.

Make a full backup:

One of the most crucial things you should do before rooting your phone is to make a comprehensive backup of it. You may access the guide by clicking the link below.

Install USB Drivers:

You must have the correct USB Drivers for your phone installed on your computer in order for your Galaxy A02 to be recognized by your PC.


How to Unlock the Bootloader on a Samsung Galaxy A02:

Check that your device is linked to a Wi-Fi network with internet access and has a sufficient charge.

Now, navigate to the device’s Settings menu > Wi-Fi > Connect to a network.

Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy A02
Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy A02

Return to the main Settings menu > Software update > Check for firmware updates, then download and install.

Unlock the Bootloader on a Samsung Galaxy A02
Unlock the Bootloader on a Samsung Galaxy A02

Install any updates that are available first.
After that, you must enable the Developer Options on your device. To do so, navigate to Settings > About phone > Software information > Tap on the Build number 7-8 times until it says ‘You are now a developer.’

Return to the main Settings screen > Scroll to the bottom and select Developer Options > Enable OEM Unlocking [Always allow it if prompted].

Enable OEM and USB Debugging
Enable OEM and USB Debugging

Turn your device off fully now.
Connect your Galaxy A02 to your PC by pressing and holding the Volume UP and DOWN buttons.
This will place your device in Download Mode.

When you’re at the Download/Recovery menu, hold down the Volume Up key until you get the “Unlock Bootloader” prompt.

To validate the bootloader unlock process, press the Volume Up key once more.

Samsung A025u Unlock Bootloader
Samsung A025u Unlock Bootloader

Proceed if prompted that all device data will be destroyed.
Wait for the process to finish before rebooting your device.

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